The Very Very Long List Of Doctor Who Fic That May One Day Be Written

I had to get this lot down somewhere. The ideas are scattered across various files, and I want them in one place.

If you see anything you like, tell me! Because that may inspire me to get on with writing it. ;)

1- [has no title at the moment] A fanfic about Mickey’s father- you know, he was mentioned in Rise Of The Cybermen. Ran off to Spain and all that. However, the fanfic will mostly not be set in Spain because I don’t know a word of Spanish. Anyway, this one’s halfway done.

2- [The War On Earth] The almost-final outing for the Turn Of The Earth crew. This one has Elton, the Dalek-Cyber war, probably some death, and Mickey’s Christmas present to Trisha suddenly gaining significance.

3- [Casualties of Fairytales] This one can be summed up in three words: Torchwood Finds Adam. But it’s got some stuff from Fear Her in there as well. w00t.

4- [The Gingerbread House] Another post-Doomsday fic. However, this one is Mickey/Jackie and may or may not be dark as all hell. Possibly my first NC-17 fic. I don’t know. So far about one chapter is done. ;)

5- [The Message] A Martha fic. Might wait til we find out more about her, though.

6- [Five People And/Or Groups Of People Who Did Not Become Companions] The title says it all. ;) These People, by the way, would be Lynda, Reinette, Zach/Ida/Danny, Elton, and possibly Nancy. TOTALLY JACKIE.

7- [Bring Me To Life] A post-Doomsday fic in which Rose is full of woe. I’m not saying anything else, except please don’t take away my keyboard just yet…

8- [untitled] A DW/Holes crossover, in which Mickey runs into Kissin’ Kate Barlow. I really want to write this, but unfortunately it has no plot.

9- [untitled] A Jackie fic. Sort of goes through her life- from her childhood to her marriage to her going to the alt-verse. I’m throwing in some old-skool stuff too, but I’ll have to look that up. (this is looking like a definate possibility now)

10- [untitled] Rose genfic, about her schooldays. Also will have a bit of old-skool in it.

11- [untitled] A fic in which Zach, Ida and Danny explain to Torchwood what happened to them. Unfortunately, it went nowhere from there.

12- [Five Things That Never Happened To The Santuary Base Crew (Except Possibly In Their Minds)] Essentically an excuse for slash. I want to write it very much but fear I will never.

And even now I’m sure I’ve forgotten one…