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I keep thinking I should explain the Reinette music video, although that is never a good sign of something if you have to explain it. So, it’s little!Reinette dreaming, right? It goes through her-as-companion (the bit with the Doctor standing against the TARDIS looking at her), and her seeing Rose and a glimpse of her future (that bit of Doomsday with her clinging to the lever) and then some of what actually happened in GITF, like the Doctor seeing into her mind (where he sees- or possibly she sees, I’m not sure- flashes of Rose, Sarah and Romana and what happened to them) and *takes deep breath* then there’s the bits with Rose and Mickey and all the New Series companions (Jackie included) over the words ‘I could do most anything to you’. So essentially, it is Reinette being warned in her dream, ‘IF HE WALKS INTO YOUR BEDROOM, THERE IS AT LEAST A 50% CHANCE THAT YOU WILL END UP CRYING ON A BEACH.’ And then at the end you see Reinette sleeping and Rose waking up, which is meant to say, ‘Hey! You thought all the sepia bits were Reinette’s dream, but maybe you were wrong and all the colour bits were Rose’s dream and I just didn’t tell you HA.’

…good lord that was a long explanation.

What else? Ooh, I watched The Producers (the original) last night. I saw it properly a few weeks ago and fell in love with it. Quote icons may well be coming up shortly. Currently I am bargining to take the DVD with me to university, along with Pirates of the Caribbean (when the friend I leant it to gives it back) and Spirited Away and all three Indiana Joneses.