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You know…sometimes I get the feeling the series works better if you watch it from Jackie and Mickey’s POV rather than Rose’s. Overall, I mean. Because throughout both series, they change for the better and get a happy ending. Jackie’s husband comes back from the dead, almost, and saves her daughter- and then she gets a lovely house*, a complete family, and a new baby. Everything she’s ever wanted, just about. And Mickey gets to be a hero, and gains Jake and a gang of rebels, and his grandmother back and then Rose and Jackie too. Awesome for the both of them.

And then there’s Rose, and to be honest, I really don’t know what to make of her last scenes. About the ‘I’m never gonna leave you’ thing- yes, it was her decision, yes, she deserves to be able to make her own decisions- but Jackie would stay behind in Pete’s universe for her entire life and she’d never know if Rose was alive or dead or happy or what- her daughter would be as good as dead. She’d be unhappy for the rest of her life, and Rose could have prevented it- but she loves the Doctor and she wanted to stay with him, and she was right when she said everyone leaves home in the end. But…I don’t know. I really don’t know. And it would have been one seriously depressing tragedy if Rose had actually died.

Or, if she’d been able to carry on with the Doctor and eventually, say, he regenerated- but this time into someone she didn’t like. Or the Time Lords came back and he had to leave her for them, or something. Where we she go then? Nowhere, because she’d seperated herself from everybody. And she’d have had to leave the Doctor someday.

Everyone leaves home in the end.

So, the ending. I don’t know. What I really wanted was for her to realise that she had to grow up. Like Sarah Jane did, walking away. I wanted her to realise that the life she’s living is impossible, and that she can make a difference on Earth, or something- but she didn’t. There’s still hope that she’ll learn, on alt-earth, that she was lucky- but we’ll probably not see it. Unless she shows up again. Which I hope she does.


It depends which way you look at it?

Anyway. What do you think Jackie and Pete will call their new baby?

*I love the Tyler’s new house. I want to live there. Except not in the alt-verse (too many zeppelins).