Doctor Who: Doomsday

Typing this while watching Confidential:

When Rose was saved from the void by Pete, I applauded. Applauded madly and my hands still hurt. It felt so right, you know? So perfect.

I also cried, nearly, at the Last Goodbye scene. Honestly, I can’t find anything to say about that, because I know others will have done it better.

And I also admit that when Rose said ‘I’m never gonna leave you.’, even if it meant never seeing her mother again, I shouted ‘YOU IDIOT’ at the screen. Sigh. I also shouted ‘SHE HAS ABANDONED HER MOTHER TO A LIFE OF DESPAIR!’ which sounds hilarious, but there’s probably a grain of truth of it, because there would be a mother who could never see her daughter again…and if that’s not a tragedy, what is?

I grinned widly at pregnant!Jackie. Oh, I’m so so glad she didn’t die. She deserved her happy ending.

Also loved the Jackie/Pete reunion, and the way their hug mirrored the Rose/Doctor hug from The Satan Pit.

Mickey was awesome. Didn’t have much to do, but still was awesome. Leading on to…

The Doctor kissed him! Ha! I predict that will be on a thousand icons by the end of today, and possibly mine as well.

You know…I wonder what will become of Mickey and Rose’s relationship. I imagine it’ll settle into merely a good friendship, but…maybe it’ll evolve into something else, on the grounds that a) she’s already had a relationship with him and b) he’s a time traveller now, just like her.

One last thing? I loved that Rose was wearing a leather jacket at the end. Sigh.

I kind of do hope she comes back for one episode, somehow, in a few series’ time. Maybe the TARDIS does another crash-landing on alt-Earth, and the Doctor immediately goes to find Rose, causing much angst for Martha Jones.

Oh, there’s so much fanfic I want to write. I’ll see y’all later.