Fic ‘n stuff

More fandomy rambles…

-Wandered into Star Wars boards today, for the first time in months. It seems to be way more civil in there than I remember. (although that may be just compared to OG, which, much as I love it, is pretty mental at times)

-I want to watch ROTS again, but I cannot, because Dead Ringers is on in twenty minutes.

Fanfiction to work on:

Star Wars: The ‘picking up the remnants of Making one. May or may not end up being called A Certain Point Of View.

Spider-Man: I just need to finish Everyone Has A Choice, then I can sit back and wait for the third movie.

Doctor Who: THE GINGERBREAD HOUSE- which I think I may wait till the end of the series to even start.

THE CHAIN- a sort-of AU about what if one tiny little decision by a certain character had gone the other way.

Many, many crossovers, because DW is one of the most crossoverable fandoms of all time.

One where Trisha and Jackie talk about What Transpired In Age Of Steel. (It would be mostly a Jackiefic with Trisha on the side, however, and probably quite short)

In Film Studies today we were told that Fandom might come up on one of our exams, and we ought to go take a look around the Internet. OMGWTF THEY’RE STUDYING US.