Doctor Who: The Age Of Steel

In bullet-point format, for bullet-point format is good.

-I utterly refuse to believe that Mickey won’t be coming back again ever. There’s been various reports and stuff on the spoiler forums at OG…a great percentage of them probably aren’t true, but I bet at least one of them is.

-I really like Jake, and figure Mickey/Jake is probably inevitable, even if it doesn’t last long

-Mrs Moore/Angela Price was good too. Pity she had to die.

-This was probably the most disturbing thing I’ve seen on pre-watershed TV. (did I say that last week, too?) I think it was that shot of someone walking right into the ovens that did it this time.

-Did I mention I refuse to believe Mickey won’t be back? Heck, if Jack gets Torchwood, give Mickey and Jake their own series too!

-‘Rose, I’m coming to get you.’ is now offically my favourite line in series 2. Parallels, don’tcha know. I love Mickey being a Doctor figure in his own right.

There Is No Christmas On Mars has been jossed ever so slightly. Teh woes. I’m gonna write another one of those, though, because a) Trisha is virtually my self-insert and b) it’s all the Mickey-as-someone’s-Doctor-figure idea again anyway, yo.

-Oh, and…there is one other reason I didn’t want Mickey to stay in the alt-verse: it’s because of Jackie! She’s got no-one now. *sighs* I honestly did very nearly ship those two.

-I loved that Pete just walked away at the end. And as I again might have said before, I bet any money that the conclusion to Rose’s story will be her having to choose between her father and the Doctor.