Doctor Who: Rise of the Cybermen

Oh my god, Mickey. This is going to be his couple of episodes, you can tell…and we learned so much about him and my heart just bloody broke.

So *that’s* where it all stems from…all the insistance that he’s probably useless, all the fake self-confidence we saw in Rose and all the rest. His gran brought him up, and Mickey didn’t fix the carpet and she tripped and broke her neck. Blimey.

And his mother ‘couldn’t cope’- what did Rose mean by that? We came to her in mid-sentence, so there could have been anything there. Maybe she couldn’t cope because she never wanted a kid, or she couldn’t cope because Mickey had a brother or sister who died, or something. And his Dad left (which, I am slightly proud to say, is one detail in my fanfics I got right, ha) and then his gran died. And in the parallel ‘verse she’s alive, so Mickey’s essentially facing the same choice Rose is- if you found a world where your dead loved ones still lived, what would you do?

And his dad was called Jackson Smith and worked in a key shop. *notes that down for future fic*

Slight spoilers/speculation for future episodes now: scroll down to read:

-There’s been lots of talk (although, I think, nothing concrete) about Mickey choosing to stay on alt-Earth, and although I hated the idea first (what about Jackie? The real Jackie?) I can buy it now. Although what I’d love the most would be Mickey going back to the estate and living with Jackie (I’m not what you’d call a shipper, but I love the relationship between those two) or Mickey opting to stay for a bit and asking the Doctor to pick him up later. Although it doesn’t look like that’s possible. Sigh.

Real spoiler now, but if you were alright reading the above you’ll probably be alright reading this too: Noel Clarke’s in episodes 12 and 13 too, according to OG. So at least no matter what happens, it won’t be quite the end. Whew.

Oh, and the Cybermen? They were pretty good too. ;)