Fandom stuff

Not, of course, that this journal ever has anything but fandom stuff in it. :) Although, just to break the trend- I had my first exam today. ICT. I’m glad it’s out of the way and done with, that’s all I can say. XD

More thoughts on Rise of the Cybermen, and Doctor Who in general-

-Mickey’s pretty much become the Neville Longbottom of DW fandom, hasn’t he? Right down to the living-with-his-gran part. (I suppose that makes Rose Harry? Heh.) You know- the sort of secondary hero who is actually a hero in his own right. *suddenly has urge to do DW/HP crossover*

-Has anyone noticed a minor increase of people singing In The Jungle recently? ‘Cos I have. And it SCARES ME TO PIECES, because that scene is the freakiest thing I’ve ever seen on pre-watershed TV. (So much for humans never killing humans, eh, RTD? ;) )

-Five episodes and one very long fanfic in and I’m still not quite sure what to make of Rose this series. I mean…it’s like her character evolution has been, from the very beginning: ‘Teenage girl’ –> ‘Teenage girl WITH POWER’. Oh, I dunno. But her character arc has the potential to be incredibly interesting, all the same. (Personally, I have a suspicion she’ll be faced with An Ultimate Choice- the Doctor or her father. I claim gloating rights if this happens. ;) )

-A wallpaper wot I made for my fic series Turn Of The Earth, That Which I Talk About Too Much. I’m rather amazed by how well this came out, as it started off looking slightly crap.

On to Star Wars fandom, which I miss terribly:

-I reeeeally want to make an Anakin/Padme fanmix, but I only have two songs so far. One of them is U2’s City Of Blinding Lights, which has always been my A/P song for some reason.

-I wish I could write at least one Star Wars fic without giving up halfway through. In my head since ROTS: a genfic featuring Obi-Wan and Beru; a weird AU Anakin and Obi-Wan thing; and a very weird barely-even-a-fanfic thing about a certain controversial scene from AOTC.

-Dude, on Saturday it’ll be one year since ROTS. I might go see The Da Vinci Code (have moviemakers now decided that May 19th is a lucky date to release a blockbuster? ;) ) but I think after that I shall watch ROTS. Because I love it so. *uses ROTS icon*