New new Doctor Who


I don’t know where to begin, so I’ll begin at the end, and say that I very nearly cried at that ending.

We got to see Cassandra in human form! Sure, everyone knows it’s Zoe Wannamaker, but still, I wasn’t expecting that.

And the Face Of Boe! Who totally didn’t say what I was expecting him to and decided to vanish and save it for another time. Well, bugger.

The Catnuns were awesome, slightly evil though they were.

I shall not mention the kiss, because everyone else is going to.

I loved the Doctor and his ‘Life!’ speech. It reminded me of the end of The Doctor Dances. God I love this show.

Don’t hope for anything more coherent from me for a day or two. ;)

And how awesome is it that now every week we get to read everyone’s reviews of the episode, just like old times? I’ve missed that so.

Welcome back, Doctor Who (and fandom)!