Go Home (6/12)

Title: Go Home
Author: sarah531
Rating: PG13
Characters: Mickey, Ten, Rose, Jackie, Adam
Summary: In the year 2006, Mickey Smith asks Rose and the Doctor if he can come with them and they say yes. In the year 2012, Adam Mitchell asks Rose and the Doctor not to leave him on Earth with a metal chip in his head and they say no. In the year 2038, someone steps out of a time machine into the burned wreckage of the Powell Estate…

chapter one- a long way down the road
chapter two- take me to your war
chapter three- so far away from home
chapter four- metal and blood
chapter five- a second chance

Go Home
chapter six- humans in the wreckage

The Doctor and Mickey leaned against the walls of the console room, both slightly out of breath from the running- and Mickey at least was incredibly shaken.

The Doctor spoke first, and to Mickey.

“So. What happened to that disk I gave you?”

It had been- or rather, felt like- such a long time ago that Mickey struggled to realise what he was talking about.

“Um. Never used it. Never felt right.”

“What?” Rose asked. She had gone to the Doctor, was making sure he was alright.

“Gave him a disk once- a virus to wipe all mention of me off the Internet,” the Doctor said, gesturing at Mickey. “He never used it.”

Mickey was gearing himself up for an arguement, but the Doctor shrugged. “Anyway, it doesn’t matter, website or no website he’s out to get us. All because of me.” He said this last with a note of despair in his voice, and Rose looked very worried.


“I’m sorry, Rose. It’s my fault-” He said that almost in a whisper. Then he looked around at them both. “Well.”

“Well what?” Mickey asked.

“Well. Now we have…ooh, three options, I reckon. We can go back to Adam’s Tragic Past at a different point and see what we can do and risk making everything worse; we can go back to 2038 and see what difference our actions made; or we can forget the whole thing and go to Mars in the twenty-third century.”

“Yeah. Choice number two.” Mickey said.

Rose hadn’t yet fully recovered from the All because of me. “What Adam did, that weren’t you, Doctor. You know that.”

“Oh-” He shook his head. “All down to choices, isn’t it? Adam chose, I chose as well. Now you choose- what d’ya think we should do?”

“Go back to 2038,” she whispered.

“Then that’s what we’ll do.”


As soon as they stepped back out into The Powell Estate 2038, Mickey had a horrible sense of foreboding.

“It looks even worse,” Rose whispered.

It did. The place was filled with rubbish- it seemed to be basically a dumping ground now- and he couldn’t even see any tents.

“What do we-” Rose began, but then she stopped. “Look! Who’s that?”

“It’s Sam,” Mickey answered. It was a slightly different-looking Sam; he looked even dirtier and very annoyed. And he was swearing at them.

You lot get out!” he bellowed, waving his arms. “This is my damn place!”

“Sam Delaney?” Mickey asked.

The man stopped there, lowered his arms and came towards them. “Who’re you?” he asked, and Rose instinctively backed away from him.

Mickey groaned. It’d be smart to fall back on the old cover story. “Ricky Smith, Mickey Smith’s son.”

“Oh…” Sam frowned. “You look like him.”

Mickey was sure at least one of his companions was stifling a laugh.

“Yeah, and these two are my mates.”

Sam looked at Rose then. “You look like…someone, too.” he said thoughtfully.

“I never lived here,” Rose said quickly.

Sam shrugged. Clearly he wasn’t too bothered. “What d’ya want?”

“We want some information,” the Doctor said. “About what happened here.”

“It burned down.” Sam said flatly.

“And who did it? Was it you?”

Sam flinched at the Doctor’s stare. “No! It wasn’t me! They said it was me, ‘cos I used to vandalise phone boxes and that, but it weren’t. It could’ve been anyone but it wasn’t me, alright?”

“Alright. So who do you think did it, Sam Delaney?”

Sam looked all around him, took a step or two away, and muttered. “Well, you’ve probably never heard of him, but I reckon it was this bloke called Adam Mitchell.”

“Right,” the Doctor said, in a perfectly calm voice. “Why do you think that?”

“‘Cause…listen, I told the police this, but they never listen to me, they think I’m nuts…he went to prison couple of years ago, right, for shooting a woman…”

Mickey felt suddenly and violently sick right at those words.

“…and then he escaped, and they never caught him again ‘cos they couldn’t be bothered. But, right, the woman he shot, right…”

Rose moved towards him, concentrating on each word.

“…she used to live in the estate. I reckon it’s all connected. But they don’t care, anyway.”

Mickey felt like the world, the new burnt-up world, was closing in on him. He said goodbye to Sam in a daze, and Sam didn’t really care much, didn’t even look to see where they went, and Rose was running ahead, worried, into the TARDIS-

“Who did he kill?” she asked hysterically. “God, what if it was someone we know?” She looked back and forth between Mickey and the Doctor. “What if it was…”

Mickey didn’t know what to say. He was too afraid that she was right.

What if it was…?”

Mickey felt a hand on his shoulder. “Mickey boy. Did you bring your laptop along with you?”

“Yeah,” he answered, confused.

“Go get it, would you?”

He ran along the corridor, to the Blue Room, and dragged the laptop back with him. The Doctor took it, fished in his pockets for his screwdriver gizmo, and made all the lights flash.

“Don’t mind me- don’t mind this- just powering it up-”

He turned the screwdriver off, rested the laptop on the console and turned it on. He tapped it impatiently while waiting for it to load up what he wanted. Rose came over.

“What are you doing?” she asked. “I…listen, is it alright if I go back and ask that bloke? Ask him who was shot…”

The Doctor took her hand. “Rose…”

Rose looked at the screen, and Mickey looked at the screen, and he felt his heart plummet.

Citizens are advised to be on the lookout for wanted criminal Adam Mitchell (pictured below).

Mitchell escaped from South London Jail three nights ago. He was placed there in late 2036 for the murder of local woman Jackie Tyler.