Go Home (2/12)

Title: Go Home
Author: sarah531
Rating: PG13
Characters: Mickey, Ten, Rose, Jackie, Adam
Summary: In the year 2006, Mickey Smith asks Rose and the Doctor if he can come with them and they say yes. In the year 2012, Adam Mitchell asks Rose and the Doctor not to leave him on Earth with a metal chip in his head and they say no. In the year 2038, someone steps out of a time machine into the burned wreckage of the Powell Estate…
A/N: If you fancy reading Turn of the Earth, it might give you a bit of background information about a few things that crop up in this. (Trisha, Sam and Shireen, mostly) But it’ll make sense without it, I think. :)

chapter one- a long way down the road

Go Home
chapter two- take me to your war

“You took a while,” Rose greeted him.

“Yeah. Got all my stuff, though.” He dropped the backpack on the floor, and then something occured to him. “Where do I sleep?”

“Pick a room,” the Doctor said brightly. “Any room. You can sleep in the library if you want.”

“Nah, I’ll pass on that, thanks.”

“C’mon, I’ll find you a room,” Rose said. And she lead him through the corridors again, until she came to a plain white door.

“This is my room,” she said. She pointed to the one opposite. “And that one’s yours. There. Simple as that.”

“Fair enough,” Mickey said, and let himself in. His room was all blue- blue sheets and blue carpet and blue ceiling.

“The Blue Room,” Mickey said thoughtfully.

“D’ya like it?” Rose asked.

Mickey thought of his flat. He wasn’t quite sure. “Yeah, I like it.”


They stopped off next at some point in the future, on the day that Big Ben Mark II finished construction. Mickey yelled up at the builders, “I liked the old one better!” and felt odd for doing it.

Then they asked him to chose where they went next.

“Urr…anywhere. I’m not bothered.”

“Oh, go on,” Rose said.

“Are there any rules about this?” He was thinking about finding out what had happened that time when they’d opened up the TARDIS with a truck and Rose had left again…but he was sure he wouldn’t be able to.

“Yeah,” the Doctor said. “No going back to defining events from your own past.” He gave Rose a look as he said this, and she looked back. Sadly.

“Alright, then. How about World War II?”

But at that, for some reason, Rose’s depressed look remained, so he tried something else.

“Let’s see your planet, then, Doctor. Take us there.”

And at that, the room froze. Mickey knew instantly he’d done something wrong. Rose lifted her hands up to her mouth very slowly.

“Doctor?” she asked.

The Doctor looked at Mickey. “I can’t take you there,” he said evenly, “because it’s gone.”

“Oh,” Mickey said stupidly. And then, even more stupidly, “How?”

“A war,” the Doctor said. “A war you’ve never even heard of.” He said nothing more- Mickey had expected an insult, at least, but it would be a bit hard to insult back, and…

“Let’s drop this,” Rose said quietly.

The room was silent apart from the humming of the machinery. The Doctor wandered over to the console.

“Right then. Chose anywhere in space and time.”

Mickey’s head was buzzing with questions. A war. A war with who? Was this war over or not? Was Rose involved?

Was he involved?

Was that what the Bad Wolf thing had been about?

“How about…” He wanted badly to say, “How about you take me to your war,” but he just couldn’t. Because Rose looked upset. “The moon. In the year…three thousand…and three.”

“Yeah, that sounds alright,” the Doctor said, with a note of probably false glee. “Onto Moon City. Creative name, innit?”


They went to the moon.

Moon City (apparently it had been named by some politician or other) looked a bit like what a city would look like had it been built on Earth in the middle of a desert. And seeing that Earth wasn’t really all that short of cities built in deserts, Mickey had to admit to himself he was a little disappointed.

No, he told himself, not disappointed. Just not surprised, that’s all. ‘Cos you’re always surprised by this stuff, but this just looks normal even though it’s not.

So they hung around, and chatted to the locals, and then left again.

“What do you guys do all the time?” Mickey asked, when they were back in the console room. “I mean…” He had recieved two odd looks at that. “I mean, don’t you ever get bored with just…going and hanging around and leaving?”

“Well, we don’t always go and hang and around and leave, but the moon in the year three thousand and three…it’s just like Earth.” Rose said with a shrug. “And you don’t want somewhere that looks like the place you just left.”

“Guess not.” He missed the estate incredibly all of a sudden, and wondered about asking to see it in a hundred years or so. Just to see what it looked like.

But first, Rose yawned and declared it time for bed.


Mickey didn’t get much sleep. He was trying to get his head around all this. He’d done it. In one second he’d changed his entire life. He’d wanted…

…wait, what had he wanted? He’d wanted Rose back, and he had her…but only sort of. Their relationship was over- that much had been obvious (and denied) for ages. Did he want this? The moon and stars and stuff? Yes. Would he have been alright without it, in a normal life? Yes.

He supposed that was the difference between them.

As he turned over and tried to sleep, he heard voices from outside the door. Rose and the Doctor- obviously. He couldn’t help it- he went to the door and listened.

“I miss him,” Rose was saying. She sounded close to tears. “I keep thinking, y’know, what would Jack think about that or what would he do now…and then I remember he’s not here. I just miss him.”

Jack. Jack. That name sounded familiar…

“I miss him too,” the Doctor said, and Mickey could almost see him there with his arm around Rose. “And I promise we’ll be able to see him again. But…we can’t for now.”

So whatever had made the Doctor change and brought Rose back to Earth had robbed the pair of them of their friend as well. That was interesting.

And poor Rose.


The next day (even though of course it wasn’t the next day, owing to the nature of time travel), they stopped off at a beach. A fairly ordinary looking deserted beach, on a planet with an overcomplicated name. It was hot.

Rose relaxed in her bikini.

“You should get your swimming trunks on!” she called to the other two. Mickey was sitting on the sand in shorts and a t-shirt, looking out. He could just about make out an island out there, with multicoloured buildings on it. He took out his mobile and took a picture.

“I forgot to bring swimming trunks,” he said. “Would you settle for underwear instead?”

The Doctor was also staring out over the sea.

“You fancy a swim then?” he asked perkily. “The water’s hot.”

Mickey declined, but the other two spent a good half an hour in the water. They acted like little kids- little kids at the beach. Splashing each other and swimming in circles and yelling at him to get over himself and come join in. Mickey rarely ended up at the beach even on Earth, it was just…after the age of ten, it lost its appeal for him. But this was so different…

…and he was so the same.


He built a sandcastle, just because he could.


When he was back in the Blue Room, he emptied the sand out his shoes and wondered if maybe he should keep some. Even though it looked no different from ordinary sand.

He had a good look around the Blue Room- of course he’d looked around it already, but now he opened all the drawers and the cupboards and looked in them. Nothing.

He hung up his clothes and put his CDs and things away. The room felt a bit more like a permanant place to stay now…if indeed it was a permanant place to stay.

He flopped down on the bed and thought about this travelling business. The estate- his untidy flat and the graffiti on the walls- popped into his head once more. Definately his next choice of a place to visit. How often did you get to see what your home looked like in a few hundred years?


Hang on…

They’d all be dead. All of his friends would have died of old age. Blimey. Okay, maybe not a hundred years, then. Fifty or so. Just to see what things were like. If fashion had gotten weird, if mobile phones had shrink even smaller, if cars now ran on vegetable oil, if Jackie had…

Wait…if he saw Jackie there, outside of the year 2006, did that mean Rose she hadn’t seen Rose for about fifty years? God, he was confused.

He temporarily put it out of his mind.

He went to find Rose, and found her in her own room. He knocked first, and she let him in.

“Can I borrow your phone just for a second? I want to check the messages, see if anyone replied, you know?”

“Yeah, all right.”

He had a look: his brother had answered with all rite see ya, his mother with yes but please be careful, Maggie with a simple Good luck and thanks. Shireen had not answered, and Trisha, after seeing him, didn’t really need to.

He hoped she was taking care of the flat.

He went to give the phone back to Rose, but she was in the console room, sitting against the wall and speaking to the Doctor in a sad voice. It seemed they saved all their depressing conversations for when he wasn’t around.

“What are you talking about?” he asked.

“Jack,” Rose said. “Remember him?”

“Yeah, I remember him. What happened to him?”

Dead silence. No question about what that meant. He was rather sorry for bringing it up.

The Doctor cleared his throat. “So, Mickey. Where to next?”

Mickey didn’t need to think about it too long. “The Powell estate, London.” He hastily tried to come up with a good date. Forty or so years in the future ought to do it. “In the year 2038.”