I was kinda in two minds about this, but…

…I thought we should have a Doctor Who Fandom Friending Frenzy (as the HP and SW fandoms have done in the past). Cos I love this fandom. It’s just small enough, and friendly.

And then I thought, okay, if you think there should be one, make one…

…so I did.

Choosing Companions

The rules are simple: post here and tell us a bit about yourself. Use this template if you wish:

What name you go by:
What your LJ is like:
Favourite characters:
Favourite ships:
You all-time favourite episode of DW:
Favourite flavour of ice cream:

And if you want to say anything else- rec someone else, for example- go for it. :)

Enjoy! (And don’t forget to plug relentlessly, if you want to get more people over to look at the list. ;) )