Oh no! I’ve killed Harry Potter!

Seen GOF!

The good:

-I loved the scene where Harry gets back with Cedric’s body. Well, maybe ‘loved’ isn’t quite the right word, but- they did it completely differently from what I was expecting, when they get back and the band starts playing and everyone’s clapping- that shot of Amos Diggory applauding was an ‘ouch‘ moment- and when everyone slowly starts to realise what’s going on, one by one, it’s really quite hard to watch. And Harry sobbing hysterically was good, too.

-This movie is so damn pretty. Well, they all are- POA’s been the prettiest so far- but still. I want to make icons right now.

-My God, they gave Neville screentime! And character development and everything. I guess they’re setting him up for OOTP, hmm? Pity that his backstory didn’t exactly get explained, though…

-And Ginny! They gave her lines!

-The Yule Ball was spot on- I loved it. Didn’t even notice Hermione’s dress was the wrong colour. ;)

-Pavati and Padma were also pretty good, although they appear to have been moved into the same House. I loved that Pavati was clearly with Harry only because she liked the attention- there was one bit which made that obvious but unfortunately I’ve forgotten it. Nice to give her a little bit of character.

-Fred and George were brilliant. And they left in Fred asking Angelina out, and made it good!

-David Tennant rocks the world.

The bad

-They SO SHOULD have left in Barty’s fate- you know, the Dementor’s Kiss. I really wanted to see that, but it just…wasn’t there. Instead, they just make it sound like they’re taking him back to Azkaban. (So, er, what happens when the prisoners escape?)

-Cho had…what, three lines? I know she’ll have more to do in OOTP, but still! She was in virtually all of the marketing…

-Hardly any Sirius. Meep. Still, again, roll on OOTP.

-Cedric seemed a little bit…different, I suppose. Just slightly more of a jerk than he was in the book. It was pretty subtle, and doesn’t really matter, but hey.

-They spent maybe five minutes adding stuff to the dragon scene- time that could’ve been spent on character and/or plot. I know it’s the Big Action Scene, but still.

-I swear…I really do love the movies, probably more than a lot of people, but they must be incomprehensible to anyone who hasn’t read the books. A lot of explanations and the like are quite easy to miss for anyone not concentrating hard.

Still, overall…bring on the DVD! And then OOTP, please.