Last week I attended a con, Collectormania 8, along with yellowdwarf– and now here are the CM8 photos, one week later. :D

Me on the train there, in Dalek t-shirt. Because I love my Dalek t-shirt.

Us and Florence Hoath (Nancy)

Me with Florence’s autograph, next to the pretty MK fountain (eating a McChickensandwich, out of sight)

Meeting Chris Barrie (please excuse my stupid expression)

He was really incredibly nice, and did an impression of the Queen for us. (Long story. :D)

The car from Dukes Of Hazzard (It cost about a tenner to have your picture with it, so we just stood at the side.) :)

Adam West and Summer Glau (We didn’t meet them, just took pictures of them in the queue, in order to prove that at least we were in their vicinity. ;D)

Karen Allen (from Raiders of the Lost Ark) who we also didn’t meet, but hey, we liked taking pictures

Darth Vader and a stormtrooper. :D

This one was taken by accident, but we left it in because it looked good. Artistic. ;)

Just in case you ever wondered what my tongue looked like

Me and yellowdwarf– please excuse my stupid fringe

Me and Annette Badland, aka Margaret Blaine aka Blon the Siltheen- we didn’t get her autograph as we’d run out of money, just went to see her when the queue was gone. She was very nice. :D

A shot of my Dalek (as opposed to a shot of the breasts I don’t have :P)

It was terrific. Going again next year- it’s become a tradition by now. :D