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I had one of those weird not-quite-dreams last night. I think I was delirious from this cold I have, or something.

Essentially, it was How Star Wars Would Work In The Real World. Anakin Skywalker was Adam Walker instead, Padme was Padma (like the Harry Potter girl), and so on. Tatooine was Australia, Coruscant was America, Naboo was Italy, Kamino was a random island no-one knew about and Alderaan was Britain. I remember thinking, ‘Hang on…how are they gonna blow up Britain? Hmmm. Maybe this was a dumb idea after all.’

Oh, and the Death Star was a fortress, Owen was a farmer in the middle of the Australian Outback, Jabba was a fat gangster who communicated by mobile phone rather than hologram,and the Podrace was done with cars. And I was trying to work out if it would fit in a three hour movie.

I really hate having colds. I’m in the house on my own while everyone else is out shopping or at school. :( Amuse me by adding something interesting to this lot. :)