Another Doctor Who post- this may be the fourth in a row

Alright, I was browsing around time_and_chips, and ran across discussion of the new 2006 annual and it’s various character tidbits. And there was one thing, which I’m fairly sure is by Russel T Davis, which got on my nerves somewhat (the quote was posted by doyle_sb4, hopefully they don’t mind me posting this..)-

After Rose, dating Mickey, meets Jimmy Stone- “She left Mickey, dropped out of school, moved out of home and lived in a bedsit with Jimmy Stone. Five months later she was back home, crying in Jackie’s arms, miserable, heartbroken and £800 in debt, while Jimmy was in a camper van to Amsterdam with a woman called Noosh. But Mickey Smith was waiting for Rose, patient and uncomplaining and forgiving.”

Jesus- she’s got a bit of a nerve complaining about Mickey dating Trisha while she’s been away (…in a time machine with two men for six months), hasn’t she? :|

(p.s.-Mickey, you’re fictional, but if you were real I’d say leave her already.)