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Has anyone ever noticed the suprising amount of similarities between Doctor Who and Titanic?

No, I’m being serious. Think about it…

We start off with a girl called Rose. Her father is out of the picture and she lives with her mother. She has a boyfriend/fiancee, but she’s not happy with her life and feels trapped. In not-exactly-good circumstances, she meets a man, The Doctor/Jack. He saves her life. Her mother and boyfriend/fiancee don’t really approve of this man Rose appears to be falling for. Rose leaves her world (London/first class) to go with him. He opens up her eyes to life beyond her world, and at some point the two of them dance together. Then disaster strikes (the daleks/the iceberg) and they have to survive it. He puts her on a boat/TARDIS to keep her safe, but she comes back and they escape together. Rose’s mother thinks she might be dead. The Doctor/Jack is on the verge of dying and tells Rose to have a good life. He dies making sure she’s going to live.

The end (well, not really, but you know)

Oh, and there’s a Jack in DW as well, obviously. And mentions of an iceburg (in TEOTW). Hmmmm….

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