War of the Worlds icons

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-More stuff at Starlit Blue, part of heartstars.net.
-Screencaps by three_nails and from rottentomatoes and Eve of the War, the doodle brushes by julia_thorne13

1. wotw1lj 2. wotw2lj 3. wotw3lj 4. wotw4lj 5. wotw5lj 6. wotw6lj 7. wotw7lj 8. wotw8lj 9. wotw9lj 10. wotw10lj 11. wotw11lj 12. wotw12lj 13. wotw13lj

BTW- is there any interest in a WotW mood theme? Because I began making one, but I thought I’d wait and see if anyone will actually use it bfore carrying on…