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I am having depressing thoughts today. These are mostly of the ‘no-one actually likes me, they all secretly think I’m a horrible person who doesn’t care and takes everything for granted, and I probably am’ variety. I haven’t thought like that for ages (although it’s been a shorter time than I’d like to admit) so I wish I wasn’t thinking it now.

Meh. I actually have a real life journal for this sort of stuff, but I couldn’t be bothered to go upstairs and get it. And I just wanted to write it down. Maybe I’m fishing for compliments or something, I honestly don’t know. I just feel very meh. Which is not a mood, and should be.

And so you don’t have to sit through a whole post of self-pity, some vague website quibbles:

-The thing that really makes me want to avoid ff.net? It’s not the fanfic, or the formatting, it’s the bloody pop-up ads. My computer doesn’t handle them very well, and it’s annoying. Really annoying.

-Y’know rottentomatoes? Anyone else reckon that the cutoff point for whether a movie is good or not should be 50% and not 60%? (Yes, this is what I wonder about in my spare time.)

God, I hate feeling like this. Maybe today was just a bad day or something. Got more homework than usual, too.