Spidey 3

In today’s random-fandom news: Thomas Hayden Church is playing a/the villain in Spider-Man 3

So because I’ve been meaning to post this for aaaages, and because I’ve already posted what I would like to happen in the upcoming chapters of my other Big Fandoms-

On the villain: Almost everyone seems to want Venom, but I…well, I don’t know. I think the main problem is that they haven’t introduced Brock- sure, he was mentioned in the first movie, but most casual movie-goers won’t remember. They could of course introduce him at the beginning of the movie with no trouble at all, but I think they already have a lot of things to deal with…namely Peter, MJ and Harry. I’d rather see how things work out between all of them, and have the new villain on the sidelines this time. (And yeah, I do kinda want Harry to be the main villain…)

On the Peter/MJ relationship: My guess is that there will be one minor arguement between them, then it’ll be quickly resolved when the action begins. John Jameson the Jilted will probably be at least mentioned, although I seriously seriously doubt they’ll have her going back to him. (Would be interesting if he showed up again, though)

On Harry: Sadly, I don’t think he’s going to survive to the end of the movie :( My guess is he’ll either a) Become the Goblin and go to take out Peter, or b) spend a good amount of his screentime arguing with his father’s ghost. Or some combination of the two. Sam Raimi actually did say that he didn’t know whether Harry would be the next Goblin or not, but I think the problem is, if he’s not, that doesn’t really leave him with an awful lot to do in the movie. And yeah, if they do take the Goblin route I think he’ll end up dead by the end. And redeemed of any past evilness, because I refuse to believe they might *not* do that…we’ve known this guy for two movies, he can’t go out a villain. XD

Other stuff: I actually really want to see the Lizard, but I guess not. :p

Truth be told, though? As long as they keep Sam Raimi as the director (which they are) I’m not too worried. :)