Thunderbirds are gooooooo

So…anyway. Went to see Thunderbirds today. Yeah, bit late, I know…

-Y’know, just once, I want to see a geeky girl be a) a good guy and b) win.

-The kids were seriously sterotypical…y’know, hero/smart girl/nerd. (Incidently, this reminds me an awful lot of what Steve Kloves is attempting to do with HP, if you subsitute ‘nerd’ with ‘comic relief’) It’s a bit annoying, but eh.

-I can’t help but wish we got more backstory. I like backstory. And we didn’t really get very much…

-Heh, Lady Penelope ownz this movie. (although why did her and the smart girl keep holding hands and grinning at each other? o.O?)

-On the ending…I was sort of hoping that the ending would be Alan’s dad telling him he has to go back to school, but when he comes back he can be a Thunderbird, and this time he agrees…but that didn’t happen. Eh. I know he learns a lesson in the movie (namely saving Ben Kingsley from a grinding metal something despite not wanting to) but I’m not sure if it was the same lesson he was supposed to be setting out to learn. Especially since, as far as I remember, in the end scene he’s still not listening to his father, so I guess that hasn’t really changed much. Oh well. Will probably rent it on DVD or something when it’s out, so I can see if there’s anything I missed.

(thoughts edited in next day, because I do that all the time too)

-Thiinking about it a little more, maybe what the filmmakers were trying to go for was that Alan really just wanted the excitement of being a Thunderbird, and didn’t really think about the whole saving-people thing, but by the end he’s figured that it’s about the people (even if you’d rather not save them) and not about the nifty flying things. I think. Like I said, I’ll have to watch it again really.

-Speaking of the nifty flying things, aka the Thunderbirds themselves, I want one. We used to have a bunch of little metal Thunderbird toys. *sniffle* I think it’s possible that the little Thunderbird 4 met an early end in the goldfish pond.

-I wish they’d actually developed the other Tracy brothers. They didn’t really do much, and you can hardly tell them apart. It could’ve been really interesting…they could’ve taken out the whole Alan/smart girl suplot, since it really didn’t go anywhere, and made some room for the others…what I’d’ve have done was maybe have one of the boys (Okay, yeah, I’ll admit I know very few of the names) think that maybe the Thunderbirds should be seeking more glory since from what I remember no-one actually knows who’s flying those things, and then you could have whoever’s the second-youngest sympathise more with Alan while everyone else reckons he’s just a whiny teen, and…so on. It could’ve been interesting, and besides, just following the kids got annoying after a while.

-Although I did like that Alan and Brains’s kid actually started off as friends, because usually in those movies it’s all ‘hero doesn’t appreciate nerdy kid, hero picks on nerdy kid, hero and nerdy kid slowly become friends over course of the movie’ What was his name, anyway? Fermat? I’m going to have to watch the TV show eventually and see who was in the movie that wasn’t in that, and vice versa. I’m fairly sure the other kids weren’t, but I could be wrong.

-I really think too much about kid’s movies. I’m fairly sure this one no-one planned for anyone to think too much about. Heh.
Probably won’t buy it on DVD (dude, I won’t be able to afford it…current DVD want-list is POA, Spiderman2, and ROTK special edition) but I’ll probably rent it. And see if I can find the old videos of the TV show, since I know they’re around here somewhere…

So, in conclusion: it had a bunch of flaws but I liked it.

Random thingy: We used to go to Cleethorpes for our holiday every year. At the beach there, they had some blue amphibian trucks that would ride people out to the sea. They were called the Funderbirds. :) There were two. They were nifty.

I swear, I’m going to go back and redo all my movie reviews one day. This bullet-point format thing bugs me.