Stories show us how to live…

Lots of things to write about today…

One,we finished Arabian Nights in English. I really liked that video. ^^ My favourite character was the Sultan’s new wife,Scheherazade. (or however you spell that name ^^;) And she says that quote which is this entry’s Subject.

Second? Second is,my parents have granted permission for me to buy all the SW movies. YAY! ^_^

Actually,those are the main things. Oh no,there’s more…

No-one is coming to the cinema. Not this week,anyway. -_-;;

I’m always sounding annoyed at my friends in this journal,aren’t I? I don’t know why…it’s not as if they’re really bad people. I suppose we’re just different.

I am attempting to write my own fairytale. It’s going well so far. ^^ The thing is,I already have this story. I’ve been working on it for almost a year,and I’m really really proud of it. ^^ But I liked my fairytale idea,so I’m going to have a shot at writing it,or at least telling it to someone sometime. ^^

Oh yeah…tomorrow night is Evening On The Lawns at my brother’s school. I love those Evenings. ^^ Steven’s running some stall called Wormplaza. Involves jelly,worm cookies,and revolting refreshments. *giggles*

Random: Why am I using ^^ as much as I use ^_^ now? Maybe I’m just lazy?

Sites: Am busy with a new layout for Red Sparkles. By the time you’re reading this,it’s probably already up. It features the picture of Ron and Harry in the flying car in Chamber Of Secrets. I LOVE that picture. *squeals*

Site I feel like plugging: The Jedi Apprentice Fan Dimension. Even if you,like me,only read a few JA books,you’ll love this place. ^^ It’s the best place for non-slash Qui/Obi stuff,and it’s got a message board too!

Quote of the update:
‘What Is A Beast?’
a big hairy thing with too many legs
~Some of Harry and Ron’s graffiti in Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them’