We’re off the ball…



Oh well,watching the match was fun. The whole theatre went bonkers when Michael Owen scored for England,I’m suprised my mum several streets away couldn’t hear it. My throat is very sore now,BTW.

Anyhoo,today my family went to Fun Day at my brother’s lower school. It was…okay. ^_^;; Every single Whatever Day they have in my town,they always have this little train that takes people round and round,and I almost always ride it. It went up onto LMS’s (the school next door) field and it can go really fast and up and down around there. I love it. ^^ Oh,and I bought a mini Flareon! You know,the Pokemon? *grins* Fun Days are great places to buy Pokemon stuff,now that Pokemon is *ahem* ‘so last year’ -_-;; Doesn’t stop me liking it…

Hmm,that’s about it for today.

Random: Some guy posted in PH’s guestbook saying something like ‘YOU WRITE ANOTHER FIC LIKE POKETITANTIC AGAIN AND I’LL KILL YOU!!!!!!’ Wish he’d said why…

Fanfiction: Updated my ff.net profile,and got up another chapter of The Cupboard Under the Stairs. Go review…Now.

Site I feel like plugging: These forums. They’re Star Wars,and there’s the best SW forums I’ve seen so far,although they don’t seem to have a awful lot of active members. It reminds me of Imladris.net…they have Harems there too. ^^

Site of mine I feel like plugging: I dunno…I’ll just plug my Harry Potter site,because nobody goes there.

Quote of the update:
“Honestly,why don’t they give the teams one ball each,save all that running around….”
~My English teacher. ^_^