When you see a fellow whovian at the mall or in school or anywhere, do you ever think to yourself “what if they skipped 9?” Because I do and it frightens me. Like, what if they did? What if they skipped 9? Why does anyone skip 9? What an awful thing to do.

Is “skipping” Nine really so bad, considering so many people skip the first eight Doctors altogether? And does anyone actually “skip” Nine, or do they just start watching from what Doctor’s on the TV, like most people do?

i’ve watched and loved every doctor and I still tell people eleventh hour is the best start point

If I have kids, I’m starting them with “The Eleventh Hour.” Or possibly “Silence in the Library.” Maybe one of each because I want to see their different reactions to River’s story. Then we’ll probably move onto Eight and then Twelve. Heck yeah, timey wimey! Either way, it won’t be with Nine because I simply don’t enjoy Nine and it took me forever to finish watching S1 because I disliked his first episode so much. Some people have no interest in Nine and the relentless attempts to make people feel bad about that is a real pet peeve of mine.