world war z

world war K

I am LOVING the snark about Kim Kardashian’s latest inability to read the room!

But my FIRST THOUGHT upon reading her unintentionally hilarious tweet? “This is… this is literally a chapter of World War Z.

World War Z Fancasting

Summer Glau as Christina Eliopolis
Ken Watanbe as Tomonaga Ijiro
Mark Hamill as Todd Wainio
Masi Oka as Kondo Tatsumi
Salman Khan as Sardar Khan
Laura Linney as Mary Miller
Karen Gillan as Sharon
Song Kang-ho as Hyungchol Choi
Amandla Steinberg as Jesika Hendricks
Naveed Choudhry as Joe Muhammad
Geoffrey Rush as Terry Knox

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Hollywood Executive 1: We have a book here called ‘World War Z’, it deals with the global impact of a zombie outbreak, features many different cultures and politics, explores the stories of many countries-

Hollywood Executive 2: Yes! I’m seeing, “White American Man Saves World From Zombies”

HE1: No, it’s not about-

HE2: Get me Brad Pitt on the phone!

HE: No, you’ve missed the point entirely-

HE2: There aren’t nearly enough movies about a man protecting his wife and kids from danger! We need to get Brad Pitt an adorable family! Is Angelina busy? Yes? Get me someone else!

HE1: But there’s a huge, diverse cast in this book-


HE1: Look, can we at least get the actual zombies right-