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I read the book Unwind by Neal Shusterman the other day- anyone else read it? It’s good, but disturbing as hell.

Full of body horror, which I’ve always found horrific. ‘Unwinding’ is the process in which someone’s organs are harvested from them while they’re still concious, which is awful, awful, awful to read when it finally happens in the book. Parents voluntarily send their troubled or ‘useless’ kids (like Connor, one of the protagonists) for this operation, having been kinda brainwashed or whatever into believing it’s okay because their kid will still live on, just…as the organs in other people’s bodies. Brrrr.

For a book that’s sort of about abortion (unwinding is basically ‘retroactive abortion’), it doesn’t really have anything new to say on the subject. And in a way I wish Shusterman had cut the abortion thing altogether and just focused on the other issues (especially since, of all the people who could write about abortion, cissexual men are kind of at the bottom of the list, you know?) like how, how do the people in this society think it’s okay to kill their children for minor misdemeanors or not getting good enough grades? How long did it take for that to become normal? Anyway-

-I’m gonna try and get hold of the sequel, I think, I want to know more about the world and about the characters. (I’m especially curious as to how Connor can continue to love his parents. Any parent who would do that isn’t worthy of the name, in my opinion.) Ooh, and I hear there might be a movie! Cool.

Also: I am an organ donor and I hope this book won’t put anyone off being one, but OH GOD PLEASE MAKE EXTRA SURE I’M DEAD FIRST