The Act

Ever since yesterday afternoon I’ve been bingewatching The Act. (Apparently it first came out in 2019 but it only seems to have made it to Britain now.)

I came out of thinking, wow AMAZING performances from the entire cast (my god I barely even recognised Patricia Arquette), really well done show that had me constantly on edge, but there’s no way most of that was true right?

I WAS VERY WRONG. THE REAL STORY IS EVEN WORSE. (The potential poisoning?! That horrible extra detail about the night of the murder?! The fate of the ashes?!) Holy fuck. While I’m writing this, right now, I still absolutely cannot wrap my head around any of this. I had definitely heard the name “Gypsy Rose Blanchard” before but I had no idea this was the story connected with it. I can’t believe this happened only a few years ago and I’d never heard of it til now. Honest to god I’m still reeling. Bloody hell.