The TV show Supernatural came to an end today I hear. I’ve only seen a few seasons of that show, but man, it’s been just there for most of my life it feels like. The first time I ever heard of it was when I saw the “Scary just got sexy!” trailer for it in front of Spider-Man 2 back in 2004. 2004!

Here are some things younger than Supernatural, if you want to feel supernaturally old like I do:

  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’s daughter
  • Prince George
  • Modern-day Doctor Who
  • Bragelina, or whatever it was called
  • Netflix as a streaming service
  • Friggin’ SMARTPHONES
  • Most current YouTube stars apparently
  • My actual marriage












In which Elle Woods is smarter than Sam Winchester.

If we are going with the premise that Elle will be better than Sam at anything she puts her mind to because she is just that awesome, can you imagine how awesome at hunting, or at least research for hunting, she would be?

Just the thought of Sam’s pout upon meeting her makes me giggle.

I want this crossover at least 90% more than all the other crossovers.

We shall call it Supernaturally Blonde.



Supernaturally Blonde. Yes. I want it. Elle killing demons with a perky attitude.

as long as she doesn’t sleep with him

we all know what happens to the girls Sam sleeps with

my contribution :D

I am so here for Elle Woods, badass genius extraordinaire, crossing over with every fandom and just being the best there is. Give me all the crossovers, I love them.

@bow-tie-of-darkness did you see that xD

I’ve given up on Torchwood. I’m having a mini strike. I’m watching Supernatural on ITV2 instead. Those Supernatural boys turn me into a teenage girl. They’re literally sooo handsome. OMG!!!

that one time Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies procrastinated on writing Torchwood: Children of Earth by objectifying the leads of Supernatural, as recorded in The Writer’s Tale: The Final Chapter (via scriptscribbles)





Every time someone tries to explain the metaplot of Supernatural to me, it basically ends up sounding like redneck Dragon Ball Z. I’m sure there’s some nuance I’m failing to grasp here.

Care to elaborate on that?

…I’m not even offended, just absolutely curious.  From the stuff I’ve seen and heard about Supernatural I can’t see the connection.

Mostly, I get the impression of a show that doesn’t know how not to escalate.

Every threat’s gotta be quantitatively bigger and badder than the one that came before. Every deus ex machina’s gotta be shinier than the last one. Every season’s gotta end with a massive eleventh-hour powerup for our heroes, only for the next season to raise the stakes enough to put them back in the underdog position.

It’s like, you beat the Devil himself? Well, now you’ve gotta fight the Devil’s cousin Phil, who has conveniently gone entirely unmentioned up until now, but he’s totally twice as evil.

That last paragraph was literally supposed to be the most ridiculous hypothetical example I could think of, and people are messaging me to say “his name was Metatron, not Phil”. I can’t even make fun of this show.

“I’m frankly surprised by the show. There’s stupid things – there’s – sorry people who write the show and everybody who works on it and everything, but there’s stupid things on the show that they shouldn’t do. Like, why do they have to say “bitch” and kill all the women? You know? Because there are certain small ways in which the show is sort of gratuitously misogynistic when it doesn’t need to be. When I read the scripts, I cringe sometimes. Yeah, there’s a million other things you could say, you don’t need to do this. Or, um, you have killed every other female character who had more than a two-episode arc. Do you have to take this one? Charlie’s still around! Although she’s not a threat to the boys as a romantic interest because she’s gay.”

Misha on the misogyny of Supernatural (via strangepicturesofmishacollins)

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Oh by the way! I finished watching Season Seven of Supernatural. Now I've seen ALL OF IT. Give or take a couple of episodes here and there. But! Have some thoughts!

  • Bobby's death geniunely made me sad, because he was my favourite. But I wish, for love of god, they'd either kept him dead or had him continue on as a ghost. As it was, we lost him twice, and there wasn't even a proper goodbye either time. Woe.
  • Like most people, I loved Charlie, but I wonder if she was an attempt to make it up to us 'nerd girls' after what they did to Becky. (I didn't like that episode.)
  • I think that casting Jewel Staite (Kaylee!) to play a character called Amy Pond was done on purpose to make sure we'd like her. And I did like her. I was really angry at Dean for killing her.
  • I really like Kevin Tran and hope to see more of him.
  • That Levithan who ATE HIMSELF made me feel actually sick. (I have…kinda low tolerance for that sort of thing.)
  • This show's still not great with women. Especially women of colour. I actually can't think of more than maybe one WoC who survived a whole episode.
  • And oh god, why the hell couldn't they have kept Dean's ACTUAL DEMON-BABY DAUGHTER around? Even just for a little while?
  • I am very fond of Castiel, yay
  • Sam is really tall.
  • I liked that we got to see Jo again. Jo was cool.
  • Basically I rather liked it, mostly. Looking forward to downloading the next series.