why don’t we talk about thousands of people all over the country protesting in russia today? they’re protesting against medvedev and putin’s corruption (for the second time this year, because they still didn’t get the answers). they’re tired. they just want to see their country free from these toxic people. they want to live in a happy country.

they want answers

they are not their government

(russian constitution – she died for your sins)

hey, tumblr, why don’t we talk about this for a while?

couple other photos i haven’t seen circulated on here:

teenage girls are being arrested and god knows what else, for taking part in anti-corruption protests, in one of the most corrupt and dangerous countries for political dissidents (see: boris nemtsov, vladimir kara-murza, all the times alexei navalny has been arrested and detained including during yesterday’s protests)… let’s not just let this slip by.