What each part of the Star Wars fandom is currently up to

Mainstream movie audience: has kinda forgot about Star Wars, is probably gonna see Rogue one
Mainstream Star Wars fans: are happy with the SWCE and are going to see Rogue one
Star Wars cartoon fans: Are excited about the upcoming Rebels season
Kylux fandom: still going strong with strange aerobic aus
Stormpilot fandom: Kinda dead
Reylo fandom: like half dead i think ???
Finnrey fandom: barely alive
Other small ship fans: writing a fic on their deathbed
Mainstream The Force Awakens fandom: still reading fics and occasionally reblogging something
Original trilogy fans: either actually dead, or forcing their grankids to watch it
Expanded universe fans: are either hating tfa or they are just dead
Prequel fans: ?!
George Lucas: chilling in his private island, with a Jar Jar Binks figure