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Character: Nurse Patience “Patsy” Mount

From: Call The Midwife

Representation: Lesbian

Their Importance: Patsy joins Call the Midwife in series three, after an initial brief appearence in series two. She’s a highly competent nurse and midwife, all the more so when it’s considered she was operating in a time (the 1960s) when many of the aspects of women’s health we take for granted today hadn’t even been invented yet. Patsy’s sexuality is made clear when she’s quizzed about her relationship with a friend’s fiance, and she answers, “there are certain things he lacks, and certain things he has too much of for me.” In series four she’s seen with a girlfriend, Delia, who later also becomes a main character. Despite a couple of obstacles thrown into their paths (including an ill-advised amnesia storyline which was very hastily resolved) Patsy and Delia are still together and series six ended with them kissing passionately in a darkened street.

Call the Midwife is one of the BBC’s most popular shows, so it’s really great to see it portraying its lesbian characters in this way and showing their love as deep and important.

Thank you to @sarah531 for the write up!