Can the next companion diversify Doctor Who (please?)

Can the next companion diversify Doctor Who (please?)

There are many things to love about Doctor Who, but it’s hard to deny that it’s a lot, well, whiter
than it should be. The show hits 52 years old this November, and in all
that time there’s been 2 non-white companions and 0 non-white Doctors.
Not exactly a commendable ratio. But maybe there’s a chance to change
that when Jenna Coleman leaves the show this year and makes way for
someone new? If so (and here’s hoping) maybe one of these actresses
would fit the bill.

It’s a) my picks for the new companion and b) A LIST ARTICLE THAT ISN’T A SLIDESHOW, HOORAY

Wildly Unrealistic New Companion Hope, but what the hey



Courtney Eaton.  Most recently seen in Mad Max: Fury Road, where she played the youngest of the Wives, a girl realistically torn between accepting the unpleasant life of a valued prisoner and risking her life in the wastelands.  I’m confident of her acting skills, not just because she sold the character of Cheedo the Fragile, but she did so in a very nonverbal movie that was based primarily around storyboards rather than a standard script.  Reasons she would make a good companion:

  • She’s young.  I mean, she’s actually nineteen, not just plausibly looks nineteen.  We haven’t seen the Doctor really mentor someone in a while, but the last companion to fill that role—Ace—is widely agreed to be incredible.  I would love to see how New Who, and Capaldi in particular, would handle such a dynamic.
  • She’s really good.  See above, about her work in Mad Max.
  • She’s from Australia, and her family is from New Zealand.  New Who has never had a companion from outside the UK, and with the show being increasingly global, such a companion might be really good for ratings.
  • She’s Maori.  Doctor Who has, to my knowledge, never featured a Pacific Islander companion, even in the expanded media.  (Note: I am not familiar with the entire Big Finish range.)
  • She’s already familiar with science fiction, although admittedly, I don’t think she’s acted in front of a green screen.

Reasons why she almost certainly won’t be the next companion:

  • Oh, come on, she acted in the best action movie of the decade, and, yeah, I’m pretty confident I won’t have to eat that claim in five years.  She can name her price in Hollywood.  The only way the BBC could afford her is if she really wanted to be on Doctor Who, and took a pay cut to make it happen.

So, yeah, more than a bit of a long shot.  But the tag is “New Companion Hopes,” not “New Companion Expectations,” so I figure she belongs.

Woohoo, the NewCompanionHopes tag is officially a go!

For anyone who didn’t see my previous post, I mentioned that I’d like to start a new tag for suggestions, fancasts, manips, gifs, suggestions, fanart, etc… featuring POC as the new companion.

This is an excellent example of what I was thinking of!