my photography

When I was…sixteen? my best friend and her mum took me to Disneyland Paris/actual Paris for a weekend. I bought a cheap disposable camera to carry around with me. (This was before the days of camera phones.) I got the film developed when I got back, put the photos in a nice album and then forgot about them for almost a decade. Then I found the photo album again as an adult, had a proper look and…

…They’re actually quite good. I like the last one especially.


I got a digital camera for Christmas. I’d wanted one for ages, and now I’ve taken to carrying it about wherever I go. Heh.

Anyway, as 2006 rolled in, virtually everyone in my street of pyromanics was letting off fireworks. Going outside was like going into a war zone- it was pretty cool. So I got my camera, pointed it at the sky and got-

fireworks1 fireworks2

And then today my family went to Willen Lake- it’s a nice lake in Milton Keynes- and I took the camera and grabbed some pictures as the sun was setting:

willenlake1 willenlake2 willenlake3

Yes, that last one is purple. No-one knows why. XD

I also pointed the camera out of the car window and got some lovely blurry pictures which would be PERFECT for light textures. I’ll share them with y’all who do icons/graphics. :D