how to know if tumblr has been eating your asks: send yourself anywhere between 5-10 asks, ( anon or not ) but have each ask be nothing but an order in which you sent them.

i.e: the first ask says ‘1′, the second says ‘2′, etc etc.

i sent myself ten of these, both on anon and not. This was all i received back:


Tumblr is now eating asks along with notifications. We must be more interactive than ever if we want keep this form of entertainment we call the rpc. Go ahead and warn your friends or test this for yourselves.. This post is reblogable.

I just tried this myself, but I had another theory I wanted to test at the same time. I sent 10 questions to myself, the first 7 only contained one number (”1,” “2,” and so on.) BUT, for the 8th question, I put “88″ instead, and “99″ for 9. These were the only ones that came through.

Which makes me wonder, tumblr may have some kind of system that automatically marks an ask as spam if it only contains one character. (Since the only ones that went through on my test contained at least two, and why people are reporting that only their 10th test ask was received.) Not sure how reliable it is, but something to consider at least.

Yeah, I tried this just now with some test asks, and all the ones with text in them (any text, e.g. “this is a test”) came through fine, but the ones that just consisted of a number didn’t. I don’t know if Tumblr is eating legitimate asks or not (more so than usual, I mean), but this is not a good way of testing it.