guillermo del toro

If Guardians 3 actually does go ahead, I have a pick for director that I like the more I think about it:

Guillermo del Toro!

Because he deserves to FINALLY get to direct a satisfying conclusion to a story about a gang of outlandish, brightly coloured superpowered beings (one of whom is a half-demonic being of sorts with a dead father, and one of whom is a powerful woman once used as a weapon) who fight golden people and find a family within each other!

George [Lucas]’s willingness to freely evoke, to riff and cobble together, lives on his later films, most notably, to me, in the design of General Grievous, which joins Kali, the goddess of Harryhausen, an evil grasshopper, and a mechanized skeleton, with a name that is, again, just brilliant. Or in Darth Maul, perhaps the most memroable character in the second trilogy.

Guillermo del Toro