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Chris Evans In Talks For LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS — Nerdist

It looks like Chris Evans’s dreams of being in a musical might just be coming true. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Avengers superstar is in talks to star as Orin Scrivello, the devilishly evil dentist—made famous by Steve Martin—in Greg Berlanti’s upcoming big screen adaptation of Little Shop of Horrors. Disney If you’ve never…

Chris Evans In Talks For LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS — Nerdist
  1. I forgot they were remaking this
  2. I REALLY REALLY don’t want them to remake this
  3. Chris Evans would make a much better Seymour than Scrivello.





Flashback. Actor Chris Evans for Flaunt Magazine.

Rule 1. Always reblog Chris’ softcore porn phase.

The thing about this photoset is that Evans is a passive subject for the camera.

Most photos of a beefy blonde male have him staring aggressively. You know the type I mean – stance wide and shoulders spread, eyes lit with challenge, as if he’s about to punch or fuck the camera man. This set is the exact opposite. Evans glances away from the camera like a Victoria’s Secret model, or else peeks from behind a shirt like he’s asking for approval. The photos where he’s on his knees have his spine curved to show off his slender waist, elbows in to show submission. Heck, in one picture the curve of his torso mirrors the curve of the lady on the poster in the background.  

Some photographer, when deciding to work with Evans, decided to shoot him in a way that women are often portrayed, instead of the traditional machismo alpha male bullshit. Thank you, photographer. Tumblr is grateful.

Oh wow someone added smart meta to this photoshoot. That means I can constantly reblog it without shame.