Hello! As some of you may already know, Tumblr pushed a major update to the activity page yesterday. Consequently, a few of our extensions are going to be broken until we’re able to update them. This should be a relatively painless process, but it may take a few days! In the mean time, please don’t reinstall XKit or panic or anything like that. As long as you’re on New XKit version 7.7, you’ll get the new updates as soon as they are available.

Extensions that we’ve written a fix for, and should be ready for release sometime today:

Extensions that we know are broken, but are still waiting on a fix:

Thanks for your patience! As always, feel free to let us know if you have any comments or questions by stopping by our support chat room (if it seems quiet, leave a message and we’ll see it later), sending a message to @new-xkit-support, or opening an issue in our Github issue tracker.

Make sure to check back to this blog for any updates! We’ll be editing the post throughout the day with the latest information.