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Ya’ll Egypt just had the most deadliest militant attack in the country’s modern history. A group of

assailants targeted the al-Rawda mosque in the town of Bir al-Abed. The people were doing nothing but worshiping and praying on this Friday morning (11/24/17), until the assailants launched a bomb and started shooting. Over 230 people were killed by the bomb and/or gunfire. No one has claimed responsibility, but this is still a horrifying tragedy. I know it can be hard to keep up with national news in the US, but Egypt deserves as much attention and condolences. 

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Illinois Woman Who Drove To Texas For New Job Found Hanging/Dead In Jail Cell 3 Days Later

Sandra Bland died in police custody this past Monday. Visiting Texas from Chicago to interview for a college job at her alma mater of Prairie View A&M, she was pulled over for a routine traffic violation (failure to use her turn signal). Everything from that point forward screams racism and foul play, including her death in the Waller County jail Monday.

The Waller County Sheriff’s Office told the Chicago Tribune that Bland was arrested on Friday and charged with “assault on a public servant.”

A video capturing the incident shows differently!! 

It shows several police officers standing over Bland while she is on the ground, arguing with them about why they’re being so rough

At one point, she can be heard saying, “You just slammed my head into the ground. Do you not even care about that?” She also thanks the man recording the incident for filming as she is led to a police cruiser.

Her friend, Malcolm Jackson, told ABC 7, 

“After he (an officer) pulled her out of the car, forced her and tossed her to the ground, knee to the neck, and arrested her.”

What we see from a bystander video is her telling the officers she is in pain and cannot hear after her head was slammed on the ground by the male arresting officer. 

We have now learned that Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith, who made the first public comments about Bland’s in-custody death, was suspended for documented cases of racism when he was chief of police in Hempstead, Texas, in 2007. After serving his suspension, more complaints of racism came in, and Smith was actually fired as chief of police in Hempstead

Family and Friends close to Sandra, including most of twitter, is at an uproar, believing there was no way she committed suicide, and saying that foul play was at work.

“I do suspect foul play,” another friend, Cheryl Nanton, told the news station. “I believe that we are all 100 percent in belief that she did not do harm to herself.”

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