actually I don’t know what you mean? it sounds like you’re being condescending toward people who are hurt by queer erasure and are speaking out against it. -Anonymous

Alright, let’s take this piece by piece:

1) Some of the folks I follow have expressed opinions no worse than “I’d like Pearl to be bisexual, like me. I think if she dated Dewey that would be good for both of them, as then she would have someone around who loved her romantically”*

*I have not seen the most recent episodes of the show so I don’t know the current status of the Rose/Pearl relationship, but I assume it’s still unrequited

2) I have then seen the same people receive really, painfully nasty messages, a lot

3) Please don’t do that.

given that the maximoffs eventually become heroes, i doubt they were meant to be actual nazi sympathizers. for myself and many others who were upset, it was less that we thought they had become actual nazis, and more that marvel would choose in any way to align jewish-romani children of holocaust survivors with a nazi organization. (also sorry if this sends twice, tumblr was giving me a weird error :P) -Anonymous

The Maximoff’s Jewish-Romani heritage being gone is the only reason I can’t properly get behind Age of Ultron as a whole, to be honest. I know no-one ever said they weren’t, but…blegh.(Then again, I’m lead to believe the Marvel comics have erased their heritage too. Double blegh.)

They do seem a lot more like victims of HYDRA than really aligned to them, though? That’s the feeling I got anyway. Then again, a lot of their storyline felt quite rushed and incomplete…

If you plan to watch Daredevil – would you prefer to be warned about especially violent scenes? I didn’t watch it, but I read recaps, and there are some things I’d rather be spoiled for beforehead if I planned to watch, so I could skip. But then, I always prefer to be spoiled for everything. -Anonymous

Ooh man. That’s a great and considerate question to ask anyone, but…I’m not sure! I can handle 99% of the violence in Game of Thrones if that’s any indication?