doctor who meme ♣ two quotes {2/2} 

the tardis – the doctor’s wife

Rory’s face here destroys me every time. Because he knows, he knows exactly what the Doctor is going through. He’s lost Amy just like this, he’s had to say goodbye when he didn’t want to and lose the one person he loves most in the whole universe. He remembers looking Amy in the face and watching the light leave her eyes, and knowing that it’s all his fault that she’s not there any more. And then he had to lock her in a box without knowing if he would ever see her again. Just as the Doctor is about to lose his love as she is locked back in her box without any hope or expectation of being alive again. That’s why Rory reaches for Amy – he needs to feel her, to be sure that she is there and with him and not dead. Because he already knows what the Doctor is about to discover – just how sad alive is when it’s over.