An interesting use of language

This headline says that “dozens” of far-right “counter-protesters” were arrested at the London pro-Palestine march, but I feel like describing that number as “dozens” is really downplaying how bad the far-right violence was. This headline reads as though there was a small number of neo-nazis causing trouble in comparison to a large number of pro-Palestine marchers causing trouble, but according to The Standard, “Some 126 people were arrested throughout the day, with at least 92 of them being counter-protesters.” Think of “dozens of” and you think of 12 people, maybe a little more, but not 92. Of all the people arrested at the march, most of them were far-right agitators. (I know plenty of marchers were detained, but a detain is different to an arrest, so the point still stands I think.) If Sky News can put in the article that there were 82 arrests of the far-right at the time the post was published, why not put that in the actual headline?