Cobra Kai season 5

This also doubles as a Chozen appreciation post, what a dude. “Unhinged trained killer who is also pretty much just a weird uncle” is just one of my favourite character archetypes ever.

(Spoilers ahead!)

This was a good season that very much felt like a final one. Daniel and Johnny are finally friends, they’re healing their relationships with their kids, I’m not really sure where else they can go from here. Unless they revisit the plot with Miguel’s biological father, it is a little odd that it petered out so fast.

Some folks are saying that Hilary Swank’s character from The New Karate Kid (I’ve never seen it, sorry!) might be back in the future and I like that idea simply because Hilary Swank is a great actress and I haven’t seen her in anything for a while. Also this season brought back Robyn Lively as Jessica and revealed she was Amanda’s cousin which was the last thing I expected, so it’s not like they couldn’t do it in an organic way if they wanted.

Fundamentally this is SUCH a silly show, all full of big fights and prison breaks and blatant fanservice but I still love it to pieces because it takes itself so deadly seriously. These guys deliver speeches about karate tournaments like they’re deciding the fate of the human race. It’s amazing. Yeah, I reckon they can pull off one or two more seasons.