GIF of Finn and the ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi at a bar. Finn sets down a drink and says, "Rey once told me that past Jedi may appear to help guide us in times of need. Is that why you're here? What is it?"ALT
GIF of Finn getting more agitated as he continues, "Is it another Death Star? A Second Order? Is the Emperor coming back again, again?" He leans in at the last part, frantic, and Obi-Wan flinches back.ALT
GIF of Obi-Wan saying, "No, I sensed a Jedi in need of counsel."ALT
GIF of Finn slumping onto the counter as he says, "Oh. Uh, Rey's somewhere on the ship, but I'm not sure where."ALT
GIF of Obi-Wan looking dismayed and wryly saying, "I'm talking about you."ALT


Me? Aw, I’m good. Ha! My friends are gone, but I’m hanging out in an empty lounge with a Jedi ghost.
Okay, I’m not good! My friends are gone, and I’m hanging out in an empty lounge with a Jedi ghost!

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