i never want to see another “owen was abusive” take in my entire life. delete them all, i won’t stand for them. “he is my own” ??? owen and beru ready to absolutely throw hands for their boy, even if there was no way out for the two of them ?????? owen keeping obi wan away for so long because he knew luke needed a normal childhood ???????? this man is an a+++++++ quality father and anyone who says hurdeedur he made luke work all day instead of going to the academy has obviously never met a farming family and doesn’t understand the amount of work that goes into it and how kids just naturally help out with everything, right up until they leave the house, which ALSO. owen knew it was way wayyyy too dangerous to send luke to the literal actual imperial academy but he didn’t want to hurt luke so he just put it off and put it off.

anyways this family is happy and cohesive and healthy and owen and beru are essentially the main reason why luke turned out the way he did, with all the tools he needed to become the greatest jedi alive, because he had a stable foundation for nineteen years, maybe ignorant about the rest of the galaxy but able to learn and grow and love because he had parents who loved him more than anything else.