Noughts and Crosses season two

I caved and I bingewatched the rest of it in one go. Oh man, an absolute punch to the gut, even though I knew full well what the ending would be. My sadness is uh, I guess also sort of tinged with happiness that one of my favorite books was done justice with the adaptation, which is a very odd thing to feel.

INCREDIBLY well done series with an absolutely amazing cast. Paterson Joseph and Helen Baxendale in particular killed it. (Hey, there’s a depressing stealth pun in there!) No idea when the BAFTAs are but honestly I hope this show gets the nominations piled on. Hey do the BAFTAs have a best set/costume design category?… they don’t. Well, they should make one just for this show then.

I keep hearing rumors there might be a season three after all and it’s not like they don’t have a lot of material to work with so I would love that if it happened. I’m still very happy with what we got though. Not HAPPY happy obviously, the final scenes were so heartwrenching I could barely watch them, but you know what I mean!