Noughts and Crosses 2×01

The BBC’s release schedule for this season is… odd to say the least. It’s in a late-night timeslot which is inexplicable, especially since I imagine a lot of the people wanting to watch it are teens. AND the whole thing is also available to stream in one go BUT this is one of the few shows I think I’ll enjoy more if I take it slowly, so now I gotta dodge spoilers for the next six actually four as it turns out weeks. Booo.

I am hoping especially to avoid any spoilers about Cara, because she was one of my favourite characters from the book and here she is and I know FULL WELL what happened to her in the book, except I’m not sure if things will go the same way in the show? Enough of the story has changed that I think Cara might be spared this time around. I wonder if I’m right.

This continues to be an amazing show, with worldbuilding even better than the books, and I’m cross (pun not intended) that more people aren’t watching it.