Pedo Guy Buys Twitter

I don’t think Pedo Guy is actually a pedophile, to be fair. I don’t even think he was involved with Ghislaine Maxwell, famous people who don’t know each other are photographed together all the time. But Pedo Guy got a court of law to declare that calling people Pedo Guy is fine and dandy, so he’ll always be Pedo Guy to me.

Anyway. Aside from anything else, the concept of anyone in the world having $44 billion dollars is absolutely obscene. I can barely get my head around it. That money could put hundreds of people through chemotherapy, rebuild whole cities, fix water supplies, countless things that would have actually helped the world. Instead, Pedo Guy bought Twitter and… Wants to be able to ban people who point out he’s gained his vast wealth from exploiting people, I suppose.

What’s more bizarre is that so many people on Twitter and beyond are defending him. I can’t get my head around that either. It’s like if a huge slimy dragon was lurking outside a village taking all the gold and livestock, and the villagers frequently turned up at its cave carrying signs saying “WE <3 DRAGONS” and “PLEASE SET ME ON FIRE AND WATCH DISPASSIONATELY AS I BURN TO DEATH.”