Call the Midwife season finale

Spoilers ahead! Big spoilers! Except… also in a way maybe not spoilers? Because none of the main characters died! It was touch and go with Sister Julienne for a bit but she lives to nun another day.

No, instead of being a story about how Nonnatus House deals with a loss it was actually about how a bunch of people we’d barely even met before, and how they dealt with a loss. The Corbett family, the Carnie family and Carol, whose lives ended up fusing together in such tragic ways. And I’ve heard people say of this episode, “That was it?! The writers amped up the drama and threw in a cliffhanger for nothing?!” but I loved it. I think it was a very brave move. Those characters I just mentioned were almost complete strangers to the audience, but Call the Midwife has always been about compassion to strangers and how that’s one of the things that makes us human.