Call the Midwife theories!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Dave got me this:

…just in time for the characters on the show to be caught up in a terrible tragedy! CTM’s never really done anything like this before, so let’s play a traumatic guessing game about who will survive the cliffhanger and who will “merely” be horribly injured!

So, I will be furious if Dr Turner dies right after having an argument with his son. Jeez Timothy was unsympathetic in this episode, I guess this was all the teenage angst we never saw in him finally coming out. I suppose I can’t complain since he always seemed a little too perfect but WOW, TIMMY. Anyway, the odds are against Dr Turner dying, I guess, since Stephen McGann’s wife writes the show. (And he himself wrote the book you see above!)

Sister Julienne is probably the more likely train crash victim of the two, in the end shot she wasn’t moving while Dr Turner sort of was, plus I kinda feel like… She would be the obvious choice to kill off as she’s been a bit surplus to requirements as of late? Plus, though she remains progressive for a nun, her traditional views and strictness are starting to grate at this point in the show. (A part of me wonders if they’re killing her now so she won’t be rendered incredibly unsympathetic once the Abortion Act 1967 becomes part of the show?)

Then there’s Nancy, who walked out of the train but took a massive knock to the head, and I wonder… It would be a very CTM thing to do, her seeming to be okay but then passing away from internal injuries no-one checked for. (Or maybe Bob Saget’s incredibly sad cause of death is on my mind.) I hope she doesn’t die, though, because that would mean her poor daughter was all alone in the world.

Mr Corbett is almost certainly dead, unfortunately, and just as his wife was about to give birth, aw man.

Meanwhile on the ground I think Mrs Wallace might lose sight in her injured eye, also yes I was among the people yelling “NO CYRIL DON’T GO BACK IN THE BUILDING” when he went to look for her, luckily nothing happened to him and Lucille was spared further tragedy.

Dang, what an episode! I was on the edge of my seat throughout all of it.