Oscar nominations

I have more thoughts on the Oscar nominations than I realised so here they are in bullet-point form.

  • I’m so happy Kirsten Stewart got nominated, Spencer is a great movie and finally finally this will shut up the “She’s a terrible actress cos she never smiles/some other misogynist reason” people.
  • Both Encanto and The Mitchells vs The Machines are up for best animated feature and I don’t know which one to root for cos I loved them both.
  • Speaking of Encanto, you can add my voice to the ones staggered that Disney didn’t put “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” into the best song category, absolutely bizarre to think they didn’t have faith in it but ah well, it made them loads of money and LMM still has a nomination so I guess everyone wins anyway.
  • I’m willing to put money on this: Will Smith will get Best Actor as a sort of “make-up” award for all the times he didn’t win and for his long career. I’m SO SURE
  • I am honestly REALLY SALTY that The Last Duel didn’t get anything, not even an acting nomination for Jodie Comer. It’s incredibly good. I’m also really salty that the Razzies swooped in and nominated Ben Affleck, presumably without ever watching the movie. God I hate the Razzies.
  • I don’t know if anyone was genuinely expecting Spider-Man: No Way Home to be nominated for Best Picture, but I did briefly consider that maaaaaaaybe Willem Dafoe would get a Best Supporting Actor nomination. He didn’t, but ah well, he was clearly having so much fun in that movie it doesn’t really matter.